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A Big Year for Legal E-learning

A Big Year for Legal E-learning

A Big Year for Legal E-Learning

A Big Year for Legal E-learning



We are looking forward to 2021 as we continue to grow and expand as a company.

2020 Highlights

Solid Trust from our customers

Solid Trust of Our Customers

Many of the wall Street law firms, Magic Circle law firms and other top international law firms are Legal Beagle clients, and we are very proud to be servicing them.


Hong Kong’s leading provider of RME AND CPD accredited courses


Leading Service Provider of Accredited CPD & RME Courses

We have the largest selection of HKLS accredited online training in the world,  We now have a total of 40 accredited course and we’re expecting to have this number increased in the upcoming year.


What to expect from Legal Beagle for 2021


1. Legal Beagle API (Put our e-learning content on your LMS!)

Legal Beagle Learning Management System

The first of its kind in the legal e-learning world, our API allows you to integrate Legal Beagle e-learning content into your own LMS or HRIS.  This gives you more freedom to offer additional courses that are accredited on your own platform.  We can also complement this with the ability to help you produce accredited e-learning in house.


2. Cost Control

Cost Control System


For customers interested in more control over usage, they will be able to opt in for a cost control system that allows administrators to approve or decline course usage.  The system is extremely user friendly and gives Learning &Development and Human Resources leaders the opportunity to control costs on the spot, while also encouraging users to take suggested courses.


3. Singapore Expansion

Singapore Expansion


We are proud to expand to Singapore to service our current and future clients.  We have been approved for private accreditation and will be seeking public accreditation as well.  This allows law firms with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore to offer similar content to their lawyers and staff.


4. Core Courses

Arrival of New RME Courses

The Hong Kong Government has worked with us to sponsor our development of the RME Core Courses required by the Law Society of Hong Kong.  Subject to final approval from the Law Society of Hong Kong, we plan to launch this first of its kind product in 2021.


5. Coaching

Launching Legal Writing and Communication Skills Coaching


We are launching coaching focused on the legal industry in 2021.  We plan to launch with coaching in the areas of legal writing and communication skills and will expand to other areas in 2021.


6. CPD and RME tracking

CPD & RME Tracking


We have developed a complementary tracking system for all Legal Beagle customers for their jurisdiction of practice.  This will be completely free to our retail and corporate customers.


7. New Packages

Offering a Variety of New Packages


For our retail customers, we are launching a variety of new package offerings.  Many of our customers have asked for bulk discounts in particular areas of the law, and we hear you and are responding!  Packages will include an ability to select your own package, have unlimited usage of our platform and in select areas, including wellbeing, compliance and risk management.


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