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Up-close with Animal Rights Speaker: Kim Joseph McCoy

Kim Joseph McCoy

Up-close with Animal Rights Speaker: Kim Joseph McCoy

Kim Joseph McCoy is a Barrister in Bernacchi Chambers, qualified in both Hong Kong and New Zealand, with a strong passion and interest in animal welfare law as well as illegal wildlife crime, both locally and internationally.
Having founded The Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organization (HKALPO), it was imperative for Kim to upskill his understanding and assess the current state of animal law in Hong Kong. Since then, he has been involved in giving presentations, lectures, and talks on various aspects of animal law in Hong Kong – with respect to companion animals, as well as wildlife. All this with the ultimate aim of advocating on behalf of animals for a better and more protective law..

Thoughts on Online Training:

“As legal professionals, it is imperative that we continue to add to our repertoire of knowledge and continue to advance our own education so that we can serve our clients to the best of our ability. Legal Beagle has gained a wonderful reputation for its extensive and informative legal CPD courses and I was extremely thrilled to be able to speak about some of the more niche areas of law, which I hope will not only leave those taking the course with a better understanding of the law, but also to have raised awareness for animal rights here in Hong Kong.”

What does Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade Law (1 CPD) offer?

“First of all – I have yet to see any other legal training program offer a talk on sharks and the law surrounding sharks. Hong Kong is a hub for illegal wildlife trade and the shark fin trade is extremely large and lucrative. However, it is important to understand the role sharks play in our ecosystem and the impact overfishing and shark fin hunting has on not only to the ocean, but to us humans too. There are laws in place which are to prevent illegal fishing of protected species and to protect sharks – but are they actually doing what they have been enacted to do? Should we be content with laws that on paper provide protection, but do not do so in reality? So this talk, although focusing mainly on sharks, also has greater value in understanding the law protecting wildlife in Hong Kong.”


“HKALPO was founded to bring together like-minded individuals (lawyers, law students, and other professionals) who have a shared passion for animals, to work together to improve the lives and welfare of animals. We always welcome volunteers to assist with the projects and events that we have. Those who are interested in animal law and want to know how they can do more for animals here in Hong Kong are welcome to follow us on social media, contact us via our online form on our website, or email us directly.”
** Kim is one of the Speakers of the newly-accredited course: Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade Law (1 CPD) along with Andrea Richey, Hong Kong Shark Foundation Executive Director.