Communication Skills for Lawyers

Communication Skills for Lawyers

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Course Description

Possessing strong communication skills is important in any profession, and can make a difference in the legal world in terms of your practice, your business, and your promotion prospects inside a law firm. In this course, we explore how to become a better communicator and connect with people around you. You will learn how to be aware of yourself and the impressions you make, understand how visual, vocal, verbal and body language cues can make or break a presentation or conversation, and be more aware of your listening skills – key to great communication.

This course is facilitated by Mônica Hall of Feliz Consulting. Originally from Brazil, Mônica carries with her a unique passion for people. She is a dynamic, engaging and committed consultant.

Aside from her native Brazil, she has lived in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has called Hong Kong home (again) since 2013. She is fluent in Portuguese, English and proficient in Spanish.

Mônica is passionate about her work and about making a difference. She has over 11 years experience in the Learning and Development world, assisting a variety of clients particularly in the financial, legal and hospitality industries. She is an enthusiastic facilitator in Communication Skills, Presentation and Interpersonal Skills, Personal and Professional Image, Executive Presence, as well as other corporate programs.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors in International Relations, Politics and Public Administration from The University of Hong Kong. Mônica is also an accredited consultant with DiSC, TMS (Team Management Systems) of Australia, a certified administrator of the psychometric tool Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ) and Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2). She has also completed the course “Mindfulness Fundamentals” with the Mindful Schools, which can be a powerful tool in stress management. On the Image side, she is a fully certified Image Consultant with The Australian Image Company (TAIC).