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Sanctions Evasion Risks for Law Firms

Sanctions Evasion Risks for Law Firms

RME Points : 1.5 CPD Points : 1.5 

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Course Description

Sanctions are viewed as a middle course between diplomacy and military action and are restrictions or prohibitions to change the behavior of a country, regime, entity or individual. In these course we will learn what are sanctions, what can potentially be achieved through sanctions, sanctions types and categories, key active sanctions frameworks and sanctions evasion techniques, so law firms and lawyers can reduce their exposure and risk to these techniques.

Nadezda Lazareva is a qualified lawyer with a background in risk management, Anti Money Laundering, compliance, sanctions and reputational risk prevention. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong and China since 2009 and has trained extensively in the areas noted above across Asia Pacific.


Customer Testimonials

Great, The provision of basic knowledge and case studies work very well. Solicitor 

Excellent, just enough detail without being bogged down with too much info. Partner 

Covered the fundamentals and great to get our CPD/RME points with an online accredited course. Solicitor 

It is a vast topic and the presenter has provided a very helpful overview. I especially like the considerations she would take into account when assessing whether to take on an instructions where there might be potential sanctions related issues or implications. Partner

Clear and concise. Solicitor 

Lots of coverage of sanctions laws from difference countries. Applicable for my practice. Solicitor


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