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Hong Kong’s Leading Online Legal Training Provider

Legal Beagle’s mission is to provide high quality online legal training that is affordable and convenient for all legal professionals in Hong Kong. 

Looking for convenient and compliant online CPD and online RME legal training? Need CPD or RME points in Hong Kong and need your points fast?  We’ve got you covered!  Legal Beagle provides a one stop solution for lawyers and law firms in Hong Kong. All of our courses are online and accessible on demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All of our online courses are CPD and RME accredited in Hong Kong by the Law Society of Hong Kong and can be viewed from your home, office, or on your mobile device.

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Meet Our Team

Dave: Founder of Legal Beagle

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, with many successful companies under his BJJ blue belt. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 2004, and is a proud father to two boys, both born in Hong Kong.

Madhu - Head of Operations & Customer Experience
Head of Operations & Customer Experience

Madhu is our devoted and hard-working Head of Operations and Customer Experience. She previously held management positions at the largest retailer in the world and constantly keeps us going and takes no prisoners. Madhu loves travel, nature and baking, and balances everything on top of her mom duties!

Lala - Head of Finance
Head of Finance

Lala is our positive, strong and reliable Head of Finance. She has many years of experience in finance in multi-national companies and keeps Legal Beagle’s finances in tip top shape. She does all of this while juggling her mom duties!

Desmond - Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer

Desmond is our fearless, confident and helpful Chief Technology Officer and has been with Legal Beagle since we started the company in 2017. He is devoted to his faith and he also likes challenges. Good thing we like a challenge, too!

Gladys - Business Development
Graphics & Social Media Maven

Gladys is our resident social media maven. When not designing graphics or writing copy, she is busy exploring the underwater world. She is always on the go and lives and works on the best beaches and islands in the Philippines.

Vlad - E-learning Extraordinaire
E-learning Extraordinaire

Vlad is Legal Beagle’s creative and optimistic E-learning Extraordinaire. He takes raw video, content, and turns it into a work of art. Thank goodness for Vlad! He loves music, books, cooking and hiking when he’s not creating his masterpieces.

Rujuta - Marketing Goddess
Marketing Goddess

Rujuta is Legal Beagle’s original Marketing Goddess. Need we say more? She loves star gazing, riding bikes, music and writing when she is not working (or maybe when she is working, and that’s okay with us).