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Measure & Manage Your CPD Points for Free

Use our free CPD Tracker to log your training courses and the points earned. Get a comprehensive view of all your courses taken from anywhere at one single location. Track your points against the annual target and keep an eye on any deficit to avoid last minute rush.

It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s free!  

3 Easy Steps to Start Using the Tracker

Step 1: Sign Up for Free Account Use your email ID and create your free account.

Step 2: Login to Your Tracker Account Use your login credentials to access your tracker.

Step 3: Get Started Log your courses and start tracking. Courses taken from Legal Beagle will be automatically logged in the tracker post completion.

Why Use Legal Beagle’s Free CPD Tracker

  • Our tracker is free for all users and doesn’t involve any hidden costs.
  • You can track all your courses taken from Legal Beagle and from other providers at one place.
  • You can add carry over CPD/RME attendances to the tracker.
  • You can store all your CPD and RME course certificates at one place.
  • You can track your progress against mandatory goals.