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Counteracting Bribery and Corruption

Counteracting Bribery and Corruption

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Course Description

This is an exclusive and practical course on Counteracting Bribery and Corruption. This course integrates more than 10 case studies into a one hour course. We will evaluate different aspects of bribery and corruption and how it touches upon the legal profession and on legal professionals specifically. We will discuss regulations and the obligations of the legal profession towards the fight against corruption. We will discuss different risks associated with Bribery and for lawyers starting with reputational risk, regulatory risks etc.

We will look into the most high risk sectors for bribery and corruption. This will give you a few examples of industries and transaction types where you need to be particularly vigilant. We will look into how you can make sure your law firm and your practice protects itself.

Questions evaluated include:  What does it mean to have a strong anti-bribery and corruption policy? What are the different elements of your compliance program that can help you implement that policy effectively? And what are some of the other considerations you may want to bring on board into your practice?

Speaker’s Bio:

Nadia Lazareva is a qualified lawyer with a background in risk management, Anti-Money Laundering, compliance, sanctions and reputational risk prevention. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong and China since 2009 and has trained extensively in the areas noted above across Asia Pacific.


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