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Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade and Laws

Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade and Laws

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Course Description

Sharks play an important role in marine ecosystems because sharks are one among the ocean’s apex predators; they keep the numbers of fish lower within the organic phenomenon in restraint. Shark conservation is vital because these sorts of negative environmental changes could happen if they were to decrease in numbers.

This course will discuss the number of laws and regulations governing more general matters, such as:

  • Domestic Laws implementing CITES
  • Laws and regulations governing food for sale;
  • Customs & Excise provisions;
  • Food and Safety labeling.

About the speakers:

Andrea Richey

For the past 30 years, Ms. Richey has lived in Hong Kong and worked for a wide variety of corporate and NGO entities.   Since 2015, she has worked for the Hong Kong Shark Foundation in many capacities, most recently as the Executive Director raising awareness about shark conservation and educating people to stop eating shark fin soup and all shark products.  Before joining Hong Kong Shark Foundation, Ms. Richey was a legal recruiter and previous to that worked for the Wall Street law firm of Paul, Weiss in Hong Kong in a corporate communications/business development capacity.   She speaks Mandarin and has lived and worked in both China and Taiwan.

Kim Joseph Mak Kim Ki McCoy

After a busy practice as a barrister in New Zealand, Kim relocated to Hong Kong to begin a mixed civil and criminal law practice. Kim has appeared in all levels of Hong Kong and New Zealand courts as a sole advocate or as a led junior, including the last ever New Zealand appeal to the Privy Council. Kim has a strong interest in animal welfare and wildlife crime and he recently founded the Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organisation (“HKALPO”). He holds a New Zealand practicing certificate.


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