Legal Writing 202: Drafting Legal Pleadings

Legal Writing 202: Drafting Legal Pleadings

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Course Description

This course is taught by Kelly Stone, a lawyer from the United States with more than twelve years of international law experience. Kelly holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology and Philosophy, and has been working to strengthen the capacity of both public and private bodies in adhering to obligations under the law. Kelly is well-versed in legal analysis and research, and has provided technical expertise in developing legal norms and standards, assessing risk management and strategies, and has assisted government actors in developing policies and protocols relating to safety and security. Kelly is also a certified facilitator and has trained government officials, NGOs, and community leaders on a variety of topics, including law, policy, safety and development. In addition, Kelly has a demonstrative publication record, which includes peer-viewed journal articles, book chapters, and opinion pieces.


Customer Testimonials

Speaker is great, PPT was clear and great to have the series of 3 CPD Legal writing courses.  Solicitor 

Very informative and practical. Trainee Lawyer (Wall Street Law Firm) 

One of the best! Thanks Legal Beagle for providing such good CPD/RME courses. Solicitor