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Risk Management: Analysis of Risk and Creating a Risk Manual

Risk Management: Analysis of Risk and Creating a Risk Manual

RME Points : 2 CPD Points : 2 

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Course Description

This course is split into two parts. Each part is 60 minutes long.

Part A: Risk Management and Analysis in Legal Practice–  the First part of the course is intended to help you develop a broader and more conceptual understanding of risk so that you can distinguish between the two different types, risk of harm versus risk of detriment and the implications of each in your legal practice. The session also walks participants through a step-by-step approach to risk management, including identification analysis, evaluation, prioritization management, and monitoring of risk. This also helps people understand the key elements in developing a system for risk management in their legal practice. Part A also aims to help participants identify some best practices for promoting positive attitudes towards risk management, including how to create an environment for managing and monitoring risk in implementing a successful management strategy.

Part B: Developing and Implementing a Risk Management Strategy– This part is focused on development and implementing a risk management strategy. This explore some of the fundamental components and developing a risk management strategy and setting it up for success by taking certain actions to ensure it is implemented successfully across your firm or legal practice. This course introduces participants to the process of transferring the results of your risk assessment analysis into a plan that responds to each risk, including those that are known, unknown, as well as unknowable risks. It also delves into some of the more sort of pragmatic parts of drafting a risk management strategy for your firm, including potential contents to include in your strategy as well as the process for securing buy-in and support for it across your firm and legal practice. This course also covers the nuts and bolts of implementation of the strategy, including how to identify appropriate people to act as risk managers for implementation of certain activities associated with the risk management strategy. This will give useful pointers on how to report and disseminate results on your monitoring and reporting activities associated with implementation of the strategy.

This course is intended for a wide range of legal practitioners, but maybe most useful to those of you who are new to risk management, or perhaps have just taken up a leadership role in your firm and want to learn more about what risk means for your firm or legal practice.

Speaker’s Bio: 
This course is taught by Kelly Stone, a lawyer from the United States with more than twelve years of international law experience. Kelly holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology and Philosophy, and has been working to strengthen the capacity of both public and private bodies in adhering to obligations under the law. Kelly is well-versed in legal analysis and research, and has provided technical expertise in developing legal norms and standards, assessing risk management and strategies, and has assisted government actors in developing policies and protocols relating to safety and security. Kelly is also a certified facilitator and has trained government officials, NGOs, and community leaders on a variety of topics, including law, policy, safety and development. In addition, Kelly has a demonstrative publication record, which includes peer-viewed journal articles, book chapters, and opinion pieces.


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