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Risk Management: Quality Systems, Risk Tolerance and Change Management

Risk Management: Quality Systems, Risk Tolerance and Change Management

RME Points : 3.5 CPD Points : 3.5 

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Course Description

This course is split into three parts. Each part is 60 minutes long.

Part A: Establishing a Quality Management System for Your Legal Practice

  • Participants understand the components of a Quality Management System (QMS), as well as the goals it is trying to achieve, specifically in meeting the requirements and/or interests of potential stakeholders in a legal practice
  • Participants can articulate the benefits of institutionalizing a QMS in their legal practice and identify its relationship to, and connection with, risk management strategies and systems.
  • Participants can distinguish the difference between quality control measures and quality assurance procedures and identify a process for planning for successful implementation of a quality management system in their legal practices.
  • Participants can identify useful strategies for creating an environment that promotes effective implementation of QMS across their legal practice and can articulate some useful tips for strengthening existing QMS strategies and systems.

Part B: Risk Tolerance and the Entrepreneurial Law Firm

  • Participants can articulate some of the perceptions about levels of risk tolerance between lawyers and entrepreneurs and identify current trends in legal entrepreneurship and their potential influence on the legal services industry.
  • Participants can describe the evolution behind companies like LegalZoom and Pangea3 and identify some of the more common risks associated with legal entrepreneurship, specifically in terms of claims against the unlawful practice of law.
  • Participants can identify some of the factors contributing to the success of legal entrepreneurs, by distinguishing between legal practice and legal services, and designing businesses to address some of the biggest challenges in the legal industry.
  • Participants can unpack the difference between risk tolerance, risk capacity and the need to balance the two, as well as outline a process for developing an enterprise risk management framework for their potential business.


  • What is Change Management and it matters.
  • Benefits and steps in Change Management.
  • Tools of Change Management.
  • Change Management and the practice of Law
  • Change Management and the law firms

Speaker’s Bio: 
First two parts of this course are taught by Kelly Stone, a lawyer from the United States with more than twelve years of international law experience. Kelly holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology and Philosophy, and has been working to strengthen the capacity of both public and private bodies in adhering to obligations under the law. Kelly is well-versed in legal analysis and research, and has provided technical expertise in developing legal norms and standards, assessing risk management and strategies, and has assisted government actors in developing policies and protocols relating to safety and security. Kelly is also a certified facilitator and has trained government officials, NGOs, and community leaders on a variety of topics, including law, policy, safety and development. In addition, Kelly has a demonstrative publication record, which includes peer-viewed journal articles, book chapters, and opinion pieces.

Speaker’s Bio:

Third and the last part of this course is taught by Gillian Carrington. Gillian is a British barrister. She practiced for many years at the London Bar specialising in public and environmental law. After moving to the City of London law firms she specialised in cross-border regulatory work. She currently lives in Berlin where she works with German and British law firms. She is a co-author of Sweet & Maxwell’s Information Rights and has contributed to Halsbury’s Laws.


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