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Janice Chew – An Acclaimed Advocate & Solicitor in Hong Kong

Janice Chew – An Acclaimed Advocate & Solicitor in Hong Kong

Janice Chew was qualified as an advocate and solicitor in Malaysia in 2008 and as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 2014, specialising in commercial litigation and transactions, intellectual property, shareholder disputes, insolvency, employment and compliance in Asia. While providing in-house legal advice to the world’s top manufacturers, she handled multiple-claimant litigations and product liability claims involving challenging jurisdictions in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. She also joined the investigation team of a notable law firm to review and analyse documents related to allegations of bribery, kickbacks, improper accounting, revenue recognition, and the misuse of third-party agents in contravention of internal compliance and the Foreign Corruption Practices Act of the United States. With extensive experience in civil litigation and corporate matters, she has represented Malaysian individuals in a case of false undertaking in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal and in a civil action concerning conspiracy issues in the High Court of Hong Kong. She has acted in cases of shareholders’ disputes, derivative actions as well as breach of contract involving satellite business, among others. She has also represented a European company in phishing case in the High Court of Hong Kong. She now dedicates her practice to her biggest passion: empowering small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with her expertise by starting one of her own.

Yuly Yung specialises in intellectual property, particularly registering for trademark and industrial design in Hong Kong, and advising on worldwide registration, trading as well as licensing. She has registered worldwide trademark and design for a cigarette brand, among others. She is also a professional company secretary with secretarial experience for a Hong Kong subsidiary of a Shanghai-listed company.

JC Legal has recently posted an article on Protect Your Brand – FAQ on Trademark Registration in Hong Kong written by Yuly Yung and Janice Chew.  We thought you may enjoy it!

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Intellectual Property and specifically trademarks are incredibly important areas of law in Hong Kong and China. This course gives lawyers a strong overview of how to register a trademark and issues surrounding the revocation of trademarks. Legal Beagle offers a high-level course on Revocation of Trademarks in Hong Kong and China, instructed by Janice Chew and Yuly Yung.