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How to get your RME hours when you’re not in Hong Kong (or don’t want to go to an oversubscribed course!)

Access your RME Course Anywhere, Anytime

How to get your RME hours when you’re not in Hong Kong (or don’t want to go to an oversubscribed course!)

The Law Society of Hong Kong has a requirement for all legal professionals to complete 3 hours of RME elective courses on a yearly basis after completing the Core Course(s) for their category of legal professional.  Most legal professionals, whether Solicitor, Non Principal Solicitor, Principal Solicitor, Registered Foreign Lawyers and Trainee Solicitors are limited by time in Hong Kong.

Online CPD and Online RME courses are a relatively new product in the Hong Kong legal market.  For many years, legal professionals in Hong Kong have been required to queue up for live courses provided by the Law Society of Hong Kong or at local training providers in inconvenient locations.  These courses are typically difficult to access due to long queues, can be irrelevant to their legal practices, not good value for money, and unfortunately, not terribly engaging.

Legal Beagle was launched in 2017 to address these problems with live training in Hong Kong.  Working with the Law Society to fully accredit our courses, Legal Beagle works with interesting, engaging and experienced trainers and legal professionals around the world to provide the most relevant, topical online legal training and online CPD/online RME for legal professionals in Hong Kong.

After Legal Beagle launched, a few competitors have entered the market offering what attempt to be similar services..  These products do not offer the quality, value-for-money, or breadth of training offered by Legal Beagle.  As of July 2019, Legal Beagle has the largest online library of Law Society of Hong Kong accredited courses globally!  Furthermore, many of Hong Kong’s largest and leading law firms count Legal Beagle as their trusted partner to provide online CPD and online RME to their own Solicitors and Registered Foreign Lawyers.