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Legal Beagle launches Online Core Course for Non-Principal Solicitors

Legal Beagle launches Online Core Course for Non-Principal Solicitors

Legal Beagle is proud to offer this first of its kind online core course for non-principal solicitors.   The course will cover the required topics under the procedure for accreditation of RME Core Programmes for Non-Principals in a unique interactive online format.  Legal Beagle is dedicated to offering high quality, affordable and convenient legal training in Hong Kong to all legal professionals.

Our interactive online exercises are designed to exactly replicate a live workshop, whereby participants come to their own conclusions but receive guidance about how conclusions can be refined to find the best solutions.  There are five sections to the course, covering the Law Society of Hong Kong’s requirements for this course.  There will be three interactive exercises during the interactive online program, drawing from lessons learned in the lectures.  This proprietary methodology for delivering an interactive program has been developed by Legal Beagle to bring convenient, high quality and affordable online training to all legal practitioners in Hong Kong.

We are proud to feature Nadezda Lazareva as our speaker for this core course program.  A qualified lawyer with a career and background in risk management, anti-money laundering, reputational risk prevention and compliance for both law firms and financial institutions, she is highly qualified to present on these critical areas for non-principal solicitors.  Ms. Lazareva has lived in Hong Kong since 2009 and has lectured on risk management topics that have been successfully accredited by Legal Beagle and other organizations.

In addition to Ms. Lazareva’s expertise, we have collaborated with another risk management expert, Ms. Kelly Stone.  We are proud to work with Ms. Stone, who is a qualified lawyer, has worked with Geman and South African governments on Risk Management policies, training and other compliance matters and has also served as a lead facilitator with the United Nations Development Programme.

Our interactive online program serves to bring additional options to non-principal solicitors in Hong Kong to satisfy their core course requirements. Please contact us on to discuss how to obtain access to this course.