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Where to find Online Compliance Training in Hong Kong

Where to find Online Compliance Training in Hong Kong

Online learning has many advantages as it offers learners the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere and at a pace that suits their schedule. Until 2017, there were really no quality online learning providers in Hong Kong that offered online CPD and RME courses accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong.

The challenge many lawyers and solicitors in Hong Kong face today is selecting the best online CPD and RME Courses in Hong Kong as it is tough to find a company that will fulfill their requirement of CPD and RME hours and also provides quality learning. The best online CPD/RME courses should be interactive and engaging. Each course should consist of deep assessment, evaluation, scenarios, and interactive exercises.

Busy solicitors and lawyers should have the freedom to pause at any point and resume the course where you stopped, whether sitting inside the taxi from home to office or even along with their morning coffee. When you attend an external live seminar to gain CPD or RME hours, you spend much more than you think. The actual cost of the seminar, traveling cost and the valuable time that you could have spent with your valuable clients to earn are used up. This doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Legal Beagle is Hong Kong’s leading provider of high quality, affordable online legal training that has been accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong for RME and CPD requirements. All our topics are curated for Solicitors, Registered Foreign Lawyers and Trainee Solicitors in Hong Kong. We are proud to have the largest online library globally of courses that are accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong. Since we founded the company, a few imitators have joined the market. However, they provide more expensive and low-quality courses. Legal Beagle strives to provide high quality, convenient and cost-effective solutions for you and your law firm.

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