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Why are all the leading law firms using Legal Beagle as their chosen accredited online training provider?

Reasons to choose Legal Beagle as Online Training Provider

Why are all the leading law firms using Legal Beagle as their chosen accredited online training provider?

Legal Beagle

Law Firms are always looking for new training courses, relevant materials, subject matter expert speakers and ideally courses that their lawyers can not only gain new skills, but also earn their most needed CPD and RME points before the yearly deadline of 31 October.

It was about two years ago that Legal Beagle was launched to meet the law firms’ demands and needs. There was a gap in the market and Legal Beagle Accredited Online Training came to fill in this gap with innovative solutions, providing updated video based online CPD and online RME training, interactive, relevant and with a competitive price point.

We at Legal Beagle quickly gained a reputation for our good quality content, our growing library of accredited CPD and accredited RME videos, convenience as all our courses can be taken from computers, tablets or phones. Priding ourselves in giving the best customer service, we listened to our clients’ needs offering options and solutions to suit each client, Firm size and need.

We are proud and honoured to serve amazing clients, and we will continue to work hard to provide the best solutions and service.

With so many leading law firms already working with us, why should you choose Legal Beagle for your online training and compliance needs too?  Trust your peer law firms! Talk to us and tell us what you want and we will listen.

Here are a few reasons many of the leading law firms in Hong Kong have already made the change and chosen Legal Beagle:

  • We offer high quality video based online training accredited by The Law Society of Hong Kong
  • Convenience:All our courses can be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We have the largest libraryof online video HKLAWSOC accredited legal training courses in the world and we keep growing
  • We customizecorporate membership plans for you to meet your specific needs
  • We have top speakersand relevant topics
  • We have the lowest priced ala carte training on the market

We offer attractive and highly discounted Corporate Membership Plans to law firms with options to have:

  • Predefinedcourses in one package for CPD and RME points
  • Compliancecourses related package
  • Full suitepackage with unlimited access to all courses
  • Ala cartepackage with pay as you go option

We also offer our Bespoke Academy solution where we record one of your internal seminars, edit, accredit and create an online training just for your Firm that can be used for internal training to earn CPD and RME points, but also for marketing and business development purposes.

Law firms can have full control over what their plan looks like, enjoy great quality courses and pay less.

To know more about our corporate membership plans and special discounts for law firms contact us.

We are here to help!