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Support In Time Of Crisis

World Health Organization has characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic.
In Hong Kong, the government has imposed drastic measures and strict broader controls to protect the people from coronavirus disease.
The schools and public attractions have been closed for months, and there are tight restrictions and laws on incoming travelers. Working from home is common, as is the enthusiasm for wearing masks, avoiding germs, and staying away from public gatherings.
Within the larger law firms, face to face training has been cancelled until the situation resolves, and many presentations for CPD and RME credit have been cancelled or postponed.

Legal Beagle Online Training offers solutions to Lawyers to help learn CPD and RME requirements and Core Course requirements with live training being cancelled.  We wish solicitors to have a convenient and high quality CPD, RME, CLE and legal training whether they work in large law firms, are solo practitioners or work in smaller law firms.
For more information, contact us on info@legalbeagle.com.hk or visit our website www.legalbeagle.com.hk