Is Continuing Professional Development just a requirement?

Let’s start by asking the most basic question. What is CPD?
Continuing Professional Development (also known as CPD) is an opportunity to keep your skills, knowledge and experience fresh throughout your legal career. CPD provides an overview of your development and act as a reminder of your achievements and stretch your progress up to date.
As a qualified and regulated solicitor in Hong Kong, you are required to obtain CPD hours, which can be through accredited courses to remain qualified to practice law. But CPD courses and trainings can also help you to:
  1. Keep your skills and knowledge fresh throughout your legal career
  2. Control and manage your own development and growth on a continuing basis
  3. Keep up to date to the latest trends, technologies changes in the law
While Hong Kong CPD requirements normally require training every October 31, this approach can leave lawyers in a desperate last minute scramble to make up their hours or points towards an end of CPD cycle, regardless how relevant and useful the training is.
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