Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Course in Hong Kong

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Hot words right now but many lawyers have little idea what the words or the legal issues around these words mean and how they matter. This course will help bring more understanding about what they are and what legal issues surround cryptocurrency and blockchain.
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Course in Hong Kong
This course will help you understand:
  1. Cryptocurrency Design
  2. It’s Infrastructure
  3. It’s Investment Channels.
This CPD course is accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong for CPD credits.

Julian Lim is a Managing Director at Alpha Calibration, and is one of our expert speakers speaking on the topic of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
Qualified in England and Wales and Malaysia, Julian is a trading and derivatives lawyer who has worked at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale where he has advised their prime brokerage, synthetic equities and derivatives structuring desks on a wide variety of documentation and regulatory issues. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of several international quantitative asset management firms where he oversaw the front and back offices functions including trading and quantitative research and development, and ensured compliance with regulatory obligations, and most recently founded a multi-disciplinary practice providing regulatory and compliance advice to financial institutions in Hong Kong.