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Up close with Expert Speaker: Julian Lim

Up close with Expert Speaker: Julian Lim

Julian Lim is a Managing Director at Alpha Calibration, and is one of our expert speakers speaking on the topic of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Tell us about yourself:  What is your expertise, and how did you become an expert in the area?

I have worked as a lawyer in global financial organizations for nearly 20 years. In 2013 I was approached to help launch a quantitative hedge fund as Chief Operating Officer which set me down the technology path.
I am now a Managing Director at Alpha Calibration. Alpha Calibration helps fund managers, advisors and brokers manage their regulatory obligations and middle and back offices.

Online training in the legal industry is relatively new in Hong Kong – why did you take a chance and become a speaker for Legal Beagle?

I set up my own firm about 5 years ago which kept me very busy but now that it is able to run on its own steam; I am able to dedicate more time to share my knowledge and views and will do so through different forums.

Why is/are the topic(s) you speak on (featured on the Legal Beagle platform) so important?

I specialize in finance and technology and cryptocurrencies are a fast-growing asset class which blends the 2 disciplines.
Many lawyers have little idea what the words or the legal issues around cryptocurrencies and blockchain mean and how they matter. This course will help bring more understanding about what they are and what legal issues surround cryptocurrency and blockchain.