Our Commitment in Helping the Community

The Covid-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health calamity of the century. Covid -19 has rapidly spread around the world, posing enormous health, economic, environmental and social challenges to the entire human population.
The outbreak has become a clinical threat to the common population and healthcare workers worldwide. Our Hong Kong health care workers have given their best to save lives since the Coronavirus started until today. They faced numerous challenges in fighting against the deadly virus.
Legal Beagle made a Donation to the Hospital Authority Charitable Foundation on behalf of our company and wonderful customers. We’ve made a significant donation which helps our medical front liners and underprivileged patients receive medical treatment.
We’ve made these possible with the help and support as well of our lawyers and law firms who used and purchased the courses Conflicts of Interest and our Legal Writing Courses in the months of April and May.
We would like to thank all lawyers and law firms who contributed and supported us in continuing our mission of being a socially responsible company. Legal Beagle is truly committed in helping our Hong Kong community especially in times of crisis.