LGBT Rights in Hong Kong

The LGBTQ + community is united by a common culture and social movements. The LGBT community all over the world suffers from discrimination and persecution for simply being who they are.
For most Hongkongers, being seen by their employer holding hands with their partner would be no big deal. But for those whose partner is of the same sex, it could lead to the sack – with no legal right to fight back.
While Hong Kong has legislation that bans discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, disability, and family status, employer are permitted to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation. Hong Kong has no legislation against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics at this moment.
This exposes LGBTQ+ people to numerous discriminatory situations and therefore human rights abuses, such as being fired because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status, and non-provision of social welfare.
No one doubts discrimination on grounds of sexuality exists, a fact acknowledged by the government and even conservative groups that oppose legislating against discrimination.

Legal Beagle wants to help raise awareness on LGBTQ + legal issues. This highly detailed CPD accredited course LGBT+Rights in Hong Kong provides an overview of LGBT + Rights globally and in Hong Kong.
This course discusses the following topics:
  1. Overview of LGBT + rights
  2. Status of LGBT + rights in Hong Kong
  3. Selected case law
  4. Hong Kong v. Asia v. the rest of the World
  5. The future of LGBT + rights in Hong Kong.
This CPD course is accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong for CPD credits. A $40 donation will also go to Pink Alliance, a charitable organization in the LGBT+ community with every purchase of this course.
The course is instructed by one of the world’s outstanding experts in this field, Wally Suphap. He is involved in LGBT+ advocacy work, having co-founded the Hong Kong LGBT+ Attorneys Network (HKGALA), and he is a proud outspoken advocate on LGBT+ rights and diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.