Up-close with Expert Speaker: Wally Suphap

Wally Suphap - Speaker at Legal Beagle

Wally Suphap - Speaker at Legal Beagle
Wally Suphap is one of Hong Kong’s outstanding experts in LGBT legal issues. He instructed one of our highly detailed CPD course: LGBT + Rights in Hong Kong.
Legal Beagle: Tell us about yourself:  What is your expertise, and how did you become an expert in the area?
Wally: Hello. I’m Wally Suphap. I’ve been practicing law for 15 years, qualified in both New York and Hong Kong. My private practice experience has focused on international corporate and securities law. I worked as an in-house legal and compliance officer for an international investment firm for 5 years covering institutional securities, investment banking, and research. I am also involved in LGBT+ advocacy work, having co-founded the Hong Kong LGBT+ Attorneys Network (HKGALA), and I’m a proud outspoken advocate on LGBT+ rights and diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.
Legal Beagle:  Online training in the legal industry is relatively new in Hong Kong – why did you take a chance and become a speaker for Legal Beagle?
Wally: I was delighted to be asked by Legal Beagle to teach a course on LGBT+ rights in Hong Kong. It’s a topic that I’m passionate about, and Legal Beagle provides a great platform to educate and raise awareness on these significant issues.
Legal Beagle:  Why is/are the topic(s) you speak on (featured on the Legal Beagle platform) so important?

Wally: LGBT+ rights is human rights, and affects all of us, whether one identifies as LGBT+ or a straight ally.
Legal Beagle:  Are there any articles you’d like to share that you have published online, or that would be helpful to lawyers taking your course?
Wally:  I’ve written pieces for the Hong Kong Lawyer on LGBT+ rights. Please see link below.
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