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Interview with Gillian Carrington

Interview with Gillian Carrington

Gillian Carrington – Accomplished Barrister and Speaker at Legal Beagle


Interview with Gillian Carrington, co-author of sweet and Maxwell’s information Rights, contributor to Halsbury’s Laws, and accomplished Barrister. She is one of our expert speakers.

Legal Beagle: How did you get interested in public and environmental law?

Gill: I had always been interested by judicial review as a means of scrutinizing administrative decisions. With environmental law I was lucky enough to be able to develop my career in this direction just as it was becoming a major area due to the problem of climate change.

Legal Beagle: Describe a typical day.

Gill: My clients are located all over the globe so I try to get as much admin done in the morning as possible. I then have teleconferences for most of the afternoon. My favorite time for working is between 4 and 8 p.m. as this is when I have time to really think.

Legal Beagle: How did your earlier career choices lead you to where you are now?

Gill: I have always found languages relatively easy so I suppose that it was inevitable that I would end up working cross-border a lot.

Legal Beagle: Did you have any mentors in your career and how have they influenced you?

Gill: I have had many wonderful professionals looking over my shoulder. They gave me the steers that I needed at various points.

Legal Beagle: What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Gill: Don’t do the same thing for more than seven years. Great advice. It keeps you fresh and relevant.

Legal Beagle: What is the biggest risk that you’ve taken in your career?

Gill: Moving to Berlin.

Legal Beagle: What are the key skills and experience required for a career like yours?

Gill: In terms of skill, apart from the obvious legal skills. I would say the ability to listen. Most problems reveal themselves when you listen and don’t intervene too much. I would say that experience has given me the insight that most problems require patience.

Legal Beagle: Of all your accomplishments, which are you most proud of?

Gill: I think what gives me satisfaction is that I have a practice that is rarely less than very interesting. I’m lucky!

Legal Beagle: If you were to start your career journey again what would you do differently?

Gill: I would have spent more time in the corporate department!

Legal Beagle: If you weren’t doing this what would have been your alternate career choice?

Gill: Journalist. I am a politics geek.