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FROM IN-HOUSE TO ON-DEMAND: HK’s largest law firm shifts to on-demand online training with Legal Beagle

On-Demand e-learning platform

FROM IN-HOUSE TO ON-DEMAND: HK’s largest law firm shifts to on-demand online training with Legal Beagle

On-Demand e-learning platform

Legal Beagle worked with Hong Kong’s oldest and largest law firm to establish an on-demand online learning academy! Providing lawyers more flexibility by converting in-person training into a more robust and accessible on-demand training with CPD and RME courses accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong.



#1 Time is money

Time is money for law firms and lawyers. Live training (whether in-house or webinar based) at fixed times and intervals is a struggle. Lawyers want to be able to attend training at their convenience, even with large internal training programs and infrastructure. With more employees working from home, attending webinars for both learning & development and CPD/RME compliance, is proving to be difficult.


#2 On-Demand LMS = Complicated & $$$


On-demand CPD & RME course accreditation is complicated. It requires particular technology configurations to comply with Hong Kong Law Society’s requirements. This includes building a custom Learning Management Systems (LMS). Many systems on the market cannot comply with these requirements, and building such a system from scratch is beyond the realm of what most IT departments do in law firms. Building a system from scratch is extremely expensive.



Academy was born. Our client and Legal Beagle partnered to create a “one-stop” solution, creating the best of a robust in-house training program into one that allows lawyers to attend training live and virtually, at their own convenience and in any location in the world. Lawyers can log into the Academy page and immediately access fully-accredited legal training at their convenience, receive certificates of attendance, and track their CPD and RME compliance.

Our client wished to record live seminars, a custom dynamic e-learning product accredited in Hong Kong and host it on its own bespoke LearningManagement system crafted by the Legal Beagle team. Legal Beagle handles the entire project, from recording through to on demand delivery. Administrators can easily access certificates, track CPD and RME points and track costs.

e-learning platform


Benefits of e-learning platform: flexibility & convenience, cost savings, white glove service

CPD and RME compliance. Our on-demand courses offer flexibility, with limited to no issues with compliance. This results in lower stress from lawyers who don’t have time to attend scheduled live seminars.

Cost Savings. Legal Beagle has a low/no cost structure to set up the Academy product. Law firms can structure the on-demand program their way. Spend only 10% of what most firms spend setting up a similar academy product on the market!

White Glove Service. Legal Beagle handles on boarding users, training, and technology queries directly with users so that there is no time taken away from learning & development. Our IT team directly handles customer service enquiries.

Trusted quality and service