Up close with Legal Beagle Expert Speaker: Dr. Esslin Terrighena

Esslin Terrighena - Speaker at Legal Beagle

Up close with Legal Beagle Expert Speaker: Dr. Esslin Terrighena

Esslin Terrighena - Speaker at Legal Beagle

Dr Esslin Terrighena: Legal Beagle’s Speaker

Dr. Esslin Terrighena, a chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist is one of our expert speakers who present an important topic on our platform, that is “Mental Health Awareness for Lawyers”.

Tell us about yourself:  What is your expertise, and how did you become an expert in the area?

I am a mental health professional, specifically a chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist. I was drawn to this field as I always possessed a keen interest in the human mind and behavior. I hold a BSc Hons in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling and a PhD in emotional neuropsychology.


Online training in the legal industry is relatively new in Hong Kong – Why did you take a chance and become a speaker for Legal Beagle?

The world is getting more and more connected, allowing us to reach a wider audience. Online training is central to making this possible. Particularly in the legal industry, where people operate in high-pressure environments, time is of essence. Being able to access training at a time that suits you from any location in the world makes programs more feasible for legal professionals.
I decided to become a speaker for Legal Beagle because I see how much need for improved mental health there is in the legal industry. With the focus often being on performance, many legal professionals leave their mental health behind in favor of performing and meeting expectations at work. Providing short trainings on different mental health topics can give these professionals the tools to maintain their mental health without taking too much time away from their work.

Why is/are the topic(s) you speak on (featured on the Legal Beagle platform) so important?

Having witnessed how untreated mental health issues can impact entire family systems over multiple generations, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of making the effort to protect our mental health. Understanding mental health issues and gaining tools to maintain mental health is crucial in many ways: it not only improves our wellbeing, but also our relationships, our productivity, and our quality of life.

Are there any articles you’d like to share that you have published online, or that would be helpful to lawyers taking your course?

Schema Therapy:
Covid 19 Mental Health:
Mental Health:

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I offer individual psychotherapy sessions for people who would like to explore more or tackle specific challenges. If you are a legal professional contacting me through Legal Beagle, you get a special rate! Get in touch on e.terrighena@mind-balance.org for more information.