Up-close with Expert Speaker Nadia Lazareva

Nadia Lazareva is a qualified lawyer with a background in risk management, Anti-Money Laundering, compliance, sanctions and reputational risk prevention. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong and Mainland China since 2009 and has trained extensively in the areas noted above across Asia Pacific. She is one of our expert speakers who instructs Sanctions Evasion Risks for Law Firms and AML – The use of agents (including law firms) for facilitation of money laundering.
Legal Beagle Expert Speaker Nadia Lazareva

Legal Beagle Expert Speaker Nadia Lazareva

Tell us about yourself: What is your expertise, and how did you become an expert in the area?
A lawyer by background, I have been working in the risk management industry for over 10 years. Throughout my career, I’ve worked for corporate service providers, a magic circle law firm, and currently I’m looking after financial crime risk in a large international financial institution.
Online training in the legal industry is relatively new in Hong Kong – why did you take a chance and become a speaker for Legal Beagle?
For me, it’s important to come to work every day thinking that my actions can make the world a little but better. I’m passionate about the role private sector can play in counteracting financial crime risk. I see immediate connection between money laundering, drug trafficking and murder, corruption and child sexual exploitation, etc. I hope that by sharing knowledge on financial crime risk we could raise the bar in the industry and make the lives of financial crime actors more difficult.
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