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Let’s get to know Tina Dolores Cadiz

Let’s get to know Tina Dolores Cadiz

Let’s Get to Know Tina Dolores Cadiz

Let’s get to know Tina Cadiz. She is Legal Beagle’s Communications and Business development Manager. She leads our social media, communications and marketing strategies. She is incredibly creative, open minded, independent and loves being with family in her spare time.

Tina Dolores – Communications and Business Development Manager

Legal Beagle: What does your job entail?

Tina: I am in charge with managing Legal Beagle’s social media pages that includes planning what to post, creating blogs, graphic designs relevant to the business and posting it. I am also in charge with reaching out for partnerships or other commercial relationships that benefits the business (email sales pitch).

Legal Beagle: What is a typical day like?

Tina: On a regular day, I wake up 9:30 in the evening to start working. I am a night shifter and do part times during the day. I do regular work outs by 12 noon or in an earlier time. I would regularly read some novels afterwards until I go to sleep.

Legal Beagle: What do you like most about your job?

Tina: What I really like the most about my job with Legal Beagle is the designing. It brings out a bright aura every time after creating a flyer/ announcement for posting. I also love the challenge of planning ahead on what to post. Building ideas in mind help me think further and wiser.

Legal Beagle: What do you like most about Legal Beagle?

Tina: There are so many things I like about Legal Beagle. Legal Beagle had always been so supportive. We always have each other’s back when working on a certain task or solving a problem. Our founder has never failed to guide us and complement us whenever we achieve something. It may be a small or big achievement, our founder always recognize this and give us a pat on our back during meetings which boost our morale and make us want to work harder.

Legal Beagle believe in our capabilities and guide us whenever we need to. Legal Beagle has totally helped me improved my skills on communicating with different people that helps or benefits the business.

Legal Beagle: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Tina: When I am not working, I normally watch anime, movies, and series on Netflix or read novels. Right now I kept my self-distracted from stress by reading. Lately I got really interested on reading novels.

Legal Beagle: What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

Tina: I would rather shop for kitchen gadgets than clothes or shoes. I don’t watch much TV anymore but love the TV from the 90’s and early 2000’s. They don’t make those interesting shows like this anymore!