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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

We dedicate this day to honoring the achievements of women all across the globe. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we would like to showcase all of our women speakers and their courses.

  1. SPEAKER: Kelly Stone

Kelly Stone, a lawyer from the United States with more than twelve years of international law experience. Kelly holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology and Philosophy, and has been working to strengthen the capacity of both public and private bodies in adhering to obligations under the law. Kelly is well-versed in legal analysis and research, and has provided technical expertise in developing legal norms and standards, assessing risk management and strategies, and has assisted government actors in developing policies and protocols relating to safety and security.


Risk Management: Engagements and Client Management

Risk Management: Analysis of Risk and Creating a Risk Manual

Conflicts of Interest

Risk Management: Engagements and Client Onboarding

Client Confidentiality

Legal Writing 101: The Basics

Legal Writing 201: Commercial Agreements

Legal Writing 202: Drafting Legal Pleadings

Legal Writing 202: Drafting Legal Pleadings

  1. SPEAKER: Nadia Lazareva

Nadia Lazareva is a qualified lawyer with a background in risk management, Anti-Money Laundering, compliance, sanctions and reputational risk prevention. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong and China since 2009 and has trained extensively in the areas noted above across Asia Pacific.


Counteracting Bribery and Corruption

Sanctions Evasion Risks for Law Firms

Risk Management: AML – The use of agents (including law firms) for facilitation of money laundering

Risk Management: AML – The use of agents (including law firms) for facilitation of money laundering

  1. SPEAKER: Gillian Carrington

Gillian Carrington is a British barrister. She practiced for many years at the London Bar specialising in public and environmental law and was appointed directly to the Attorney General’s A panel of counsel (environmental law). After moving to the City of London law firms she specialised in cross-border regulatory work. She currently lives in Berlin where she works with German and British law firms. She is a co-author of Sweet & Maxwell’s Information Rights and has contributed to Halsbury’s Laws.


Risk Management: Managing your time, self, clients and projects

Interviewing Witnesses

Advocacy for Hong Kong Lawyers

Drafting Witness Statements

Brexit: An Introduction

Information Right-The PDPO and GDPR

  1. SPEAKER: Sara Tsui

Sara Tsui is a Solicitor in Hong Kong and a Consultant at Khoo & Co. Solicitors. She is a Teaching Fellow at City University of Hong Kong, having taught on topics from the Law of Tort, Animal Law, Hong Kong Legal System and Banking Law, among others. She is Programme Director of Universal Prestige Inc. Ltd. and serves as Asia Director of the Institute of Critical Animal Studies. She is Honorary Legal Consultant for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an honor only given to three people in the HKSAR. Ms. Tsui has served as Examiner for the PCLL conversion board and the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary School Education – Legal Studies. She is a published author of many legal texts and has extensive media coverage and exposure on a variety of legal topics.


Risk Management: Employee Behaviour and Sexual Harassment

A Legal Perspective on Animal Welfare

A Legal Perspective on Animal Welfare

  1. SPEAKER: Dr. Esslin Terrighena

Dr. Esslin Terrighena has worked in the mental health field for over 10 years. She holds a B.Sc. Hons. of Psychology from the UK, Master of Counselling from Australia, and Ph.D. in Affective Neuropsychology from Hong Kong.  Dr. Terrighena specializes in trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. More specifically, she works with individuals who have experienced abuse, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, anger, attachment issues, obsessive or ruminative thoughts or damaging behavioral patterns.


Managing Anxiety for Legal Professionals

Mindfulness for Legal Professionals

Mental Health Awareness for Lawyers

  1. SPEAKER: Maeva Slotine

Maeva Slotine is the sole proprietor of Slotines, a Hong Kong Law Firm focusing on Corporate, M&A, Private Equity and Corporate Governance matters. Maeva is admitted in France in 1998, as an Avocat au Barreau de Paris where she remains practicing to this date. She was admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales in 2006 (non practicing) and as a Solicitor in Hong Kong in 2013.


SPAs: Keys to Draft and Negotiate

Register of Significant Controllers

  1. SPEAKERS: Janice Chew and Yuly Yung

Janice Chew, qualified as an advocate and solicitor in Malaysia in 2008 and as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 2014, specializing in commercial litigation and transactions, intellectual property, shareholder disputes, insolvency, employment and compliance in Asia. While providing in-house legal advice to the world’s top manufacturers, she handled multiple-claimant litigations and product liability claims involving challenging jurisdictions in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. She also joined the investigation team of a notable law firm to review and analyze documents related to allegations of bribery, kickbacks, improper accounting, revenue recognition, and the misuse of third-party agents in contravention of internal compliance and the Foreign Corruption Practices Act of the United States. With extensive experience in civil litigation and corporate matters, she has represented Malaysian individuals in a case of false undertaking in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal and in a civil action concerning conspiracy issues in the High Court of Hong Kong. She has acted in cases of shareholders’ disputes, derivative actions as well as breach of contract involving satellite business, among others. She has also represented a European company in phishing case in the High Court of Hong Kong. She now dedicates her practice to her biggest passion: empowering small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with her expertise by starting one of her own.

Yuly Yung specializes in intellectual property, particularly registering for trademark and industrial design in Hong Kong, and advising on worldwide registration, trading as well as licensing. She has registered worldwide trademark and design for a cigarette brand, among others. She is also a professional company secretary with secretarial experience for a Hong Kong subsidiary of a Shanghai-listed company.


Revocation of Trade Marks in Hong Kong and China

  1. SPEAKER: Katheryn Weaver

Kathryn Weaver, Managing Partner of Lewis Silkin’s Hong Kong office. Kathryn also heads up Lewis Silkin’s Hong Kong employment practice. She has extensive experience of advising multinational employers in the Asia Pacific region on international employment law matters and acts for a mixture of FTSE 100 companies, household-name brands, gig economy clients and start-ups. Her clients span various sectors including technology, financial and professional services, retail and advertising.


Employment Law Overview

  1. SPEAKER: Connie Carmichael

Connie Carmichael is a qualified accountant with more than 25 years of global accounting experience. In addition to her practice experience, Connie regularly teaches at the top law schools in Hong Kong and serves as an external training consultant in the Asia offices of some of the world’s leading law firms, instructing trainee solicitors, solicitors and Partners on accounting and its impact on their legal practice.


Understanding Financial Statements: Underlying Assumptions and Ratios

Understanding Financial Statements: Key Financial Statements and Application of Judgment

  1. SPEAKER: Monica Hall

Mônica is passionate about her work and about making a difference. She has over 11 years’ experience in the Learning and Development world, assisting a variety of clients particularly in the financial, legal and hospitality industries. She is an enthusiastic facilitator in Communication Skills, Presentation and Interpersonal Skills, Personal and Professional Image, Executive Presence, as well as other corporate programs.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors in International Relations, Politics and Public Administration from The University of Hong Kong. Mônica is also an accredited consultant with DiSC, TMS (Team Management Systems) of Australia, a certified administrator of the psychometric tool Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ) and Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2). She has also completed the course “Mindfulness Fundamentals” with the Mindful Schools, which can be a powerful tool in stress management. On the Image side, she is a fully certified Image Consultant with The Australian Image Company (TAIC).


Communication Skills for Lawyers

We would also like to promote our new course: Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession which offers practical guidance for workplaces seeking to prevent and effectively respond to bullying and sexual harassment. For every course purchased, we will make a donation to The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong.

Risk Management: Bullying and Sexual Harassment in Legal Workplaces