Can You Learn a Few New Tips to Better Communicate and Make More Impact?

Can You Learn a Few New Tips to Better Communicate and Make More Impact?

New Tips to Better Communicate and Make More Impact

As the leading Legal Training provider in Hong Kong, with all online courses accredited by The Hong Kong Law Society, we understand the need for good quality and relevant training topics.

Possessing strong communication skills is important in any profession, and can make a difference particularly in the legal world in terms of your practice, your business, career growth and promotion prospects inside a law firm.

One of Legal Beagle’s popular courses is Communication Skills for Lawyers facilitated by our Co-Founder and Business Development Director, Mônica Z. Hall, also Director of FELIZ Consulting.

In her concise Legal Beagle online accredited course, Mônica explores how to become a better communicator and connect with people around you. When taking the e-learning, you will learn how to be more aware of yourself and the impressions you make and want to make, understand how visual, vocal, verbal, body language cues play a bit role, and can make or break a presentation or conversation, as well as be mindful of your listening skills – key to great communication.

As a quick tip in terms of communication, we would like to share an easy acronym: AIMB for you to remember, apply and practice!

A for AUDIENCE: Before any communication, be it an email or a presentation, think about your audience. Who are they? Junior, senior, colleagues, potential business? Do you know any information about them and their background? The better you know your audience, the better you will be able to communicate with them, to connect, to build rapport and win business.

I for INTENTION: What is your key purpose and intention when communicating? Is your goal to inform, instruct, inspire? Have a think about it before designing your message.

M for MESSAGE: What is your message? Is it clear and concise? Think of message as the one key thing you would like your audience to remember or do after your communication.

B for BENEFITS: Whenever we communicate we need to think of the potential benefits for our audience. Why should they be listening to us? What are they gaining? Or could gain?! Could it be knowledge, better performance, profits, bonus, team development?! Even if the benefits are not immediately clear, as a good communicator you should think of the possible benefits to your audience.

As a planning stage in any communication, we hope you took away an easy to remember tip, your AIMB.

Please have AIMB in mind: Audience, Intention, Message, and Benefit.

To learn more about Communication Skills for lawyers, please take our course online, at your convenience and earn your CPD points.

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